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What Differentiates Each Range?

Here at Urban Veda, we have formulated four skincare ranges, each with a different set of exotic ingredients designed to support different skin concerns, all in line with our ancient Ayurvedic philosophy.

Our PURIFYING Range is for those with oily and acne-prone skin which aligns itself to the Kapha dosha in Ayurveda.

Those who have sensitive skin are a perfect match for our SOOTHING Range and will most likely be the Pitta dosha.

Anyone whose concerns are dry and dehydrated skin, try out our RADIANCE Range which is governed by the Vata dosha.

Finally, our REVIVING Range is for those with mature and tired skin, and is ruled by the Tri-Doshic dosha.


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100% Vegan and Cruelty Free Certified

Firmly believing that the most powerful and effective ingredients for your skin come from nature, Urban Veda uses a bespoke selection of natural ingredients, bursting with exotic botanicals. All certified Vegan. All certified Cruelty Free.

Naturally created using Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and fruits, combined with multi-vitamins and clinically proven actives, each of our Ayurvedic skincare products are made with love in England and are created from seed to skin using ethically sourced ingredients. We support the skin’s natural balance by infusing it with Omega-rich bio-oils, free radical-fighting antioxidants and vitality-boosting essential fatty acids.

Our ranges are accredited by The Vegetarian Society, PETA and Cruelty-Free International.

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Our Bank Pop-Up

We are thrilled to say that we are yet again returning to the pop-up scene! This time we will be opening our Ayurvedic doors to the streets of the City, on Threadneedle Street just outside Bank tube station taking over one of the Royal Exchange shops. As Christmas is nearing, we are certainly getting into

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Boost your Immune System Naturally

When your immune system is compromised, you’re much more susceptible to contracting coughs and colds that you may accidentally pick up from others that you meet in your daily routine. These illnesses can range from annoying to very serious depending on the strength of your immune system, and while by and large viral problems might