Slough away dead skin, get rid of acne scarring and prevent new breakouts with our ecological exfoliants. Imbued with fine grain organic pumice in a soft cream-based formula, our multifunctional exfoliators double as a gentle scrubby mask. Allow the rich botanics of rose, sandalwood, neem or turmeric sink in then buff away to reveal a glowing visage.

Ecological Exfoliants

Urban Veda is a multi award winning Ayurvedic skincare brand, designed and created for tackling 21st century skin complaints.

At Urban Veda, we’re inspired by age old traditional herbal remedies, mixed with a twist of modernity, to create products which help pollution proof skin, leaving it less vulnerable to
dehydration, dullness and stress.

All our products are made with Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and fruits combined with clinically proven actives and antioxidants to help maintain skin’s natural state of balance and homeostasis.

100% Natural

Balance skin and senses with adaptogenic Shatavari, sacred Sandalwood and Lavender to calm and condition delicate skin. Our botanical body oil is enriched with Apricot, Sesame and Calendula to help weary souls unwind and relax with the wooded aromatherapy of an Ayurvedic spa.

Use in conjunction with regular practise of Abhyanga (botanical oil massage) and give yourself a mindful massage by starting at your extremities, warming oil between palms, and apply using long, rhythmic, circular strokes along your limbs moving towards your heart to stimulate limber movement and help relieve joint stiffness.


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About Us

We are a London-based brand, founded by lifelong Ayurvedic devotee Sheilesh Shah. As a small team of 15 people (pictured: Tanya and Nelly outside our first ever pop-up shop), we’re a close knit group who are on a mission, to make Ayurveda mainstream. Newly certified as a Carbon Negative Workforce and an Ethnic Minority-owned Business, we are committed to making Urban Veda’s impact on society and sustainability an ongoing force for good.