What does Ayurveda say about Exfoliation?

Body Exfoliation

Ayurveda and exfoliation are extremely well acquainted, with body exfoliation in particular forming an integral part of this ancient health and well-being system. With Ayurveda being very much a lifestyle, body scrubbing not only benefits the exterior of the skin, but the benefits for both the internal body as well as the mind are significant and we could all do with an all encompassing mind and body relaxation experience, right?

So here’s exactly what Ayurveda says on exfoliators and how they help support a healthy mind and body:

Physically – the obvious point is the sloughing away of dead skin that builds up, especially in Winter. Body scrubbing regularly rids the body from a build up of hard, dead skin helping to maintain soft and healthy skin underneath. The regular removal of dead skin cells can also help to reduce any scarring or pigmentation leaving the skin summer ready.

The action of body scrubbing stimulates the lymphatic system beneath the multiple skins’ layers, ridding the body of a build up of toxins. Igniting the lymphatic system helps to maintain a strong immune system and scrubbing in the direction of the heart also helps to unblock the lymph ducts which are located all over the body, but particularly the ones around the heart. Body brushing is also a key part of Ayurveda for the same reasons. It aids in a reduction of cellulite and helps to cleanse the body internally as well as literally polishing the skin’s exterior.

Mentally – Body scrubbing is a great way to stimulate multiple senses. Body scrubbing can significantly improve the mood as the body mentally recognises this self ritual being performed. The scent of the body scrub also affects the mind and fills the bathroom with its scent. For an uplifting and revitalising effect try our Purifying Body Scrub. Enriched with minty ingredients such as Neem, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, the senses are truly awakened with a Zing making it the ideal product for a morning scrub. For those wanting a relaxing and calming experience perhaps in the evening time, our Soothing Body Scrub will certainly leave the mind in a tranquil state. Sandalwood is used not only for its healing properties, but also its calming effect on the mind which is ideal for those wanting to wind down before bedtime.

Top Tips for Body Scrubbing:

  • Always start scrubbing from the feet upwards in the direction of the heart
  • Scrub the torso and back last
  • Scrub in circular motions
  • Apply firm pressure on thicker areas of the body like the bottoms of the feet and light pressure where the skin is thinner
  • For extra dry areas, scrub directly onto dry skin before a shower or bath and then continue scrubbing in water
  • Use a body exfoliator before a massage or body wrap treatment as prep for the skin