Ayurvedic Body Massage

What is the difference between Ayurvedic body massage and regular massage?

I think we can all agree, massages are great. There are so many types to choose from that utilize many different techniques. Maybe your idea of a perfect massage is a deep tissue rub. Something that really loosens your muscles and is a little painful in a good way. Or, perhaps a classic Swedish massage is your cup of tea. Or, perhaps your match made in heaven massage is something you haven’t tried before, like abhyanga also known as Ayurvedic Body Massage.

Abhyanga, is also known as Ayurvedic massage. It differs from a regular massage in that it takes more of a holistic approach to massage. It focuses on relieving emotional stress as well as physical stress. Moreover, Ayurvedic massage differs from regular massages. As it often incorporates essential oils to an ayurvedic body massage oil for dry skin. These essential oils are crucial in focusing your bodies energy points. In fact, body massage oil plays such a large role in Ayurvedic massage, people often refer to it as ‘oil massage’. Abhyanga relies on warm essential oils to suit each massage to an individual’s personal needs and Dosha.

The Benefits

This Ayurvedic practice of abhyanga or oil massage boasts an incredible list of physical benefits. For example, Ayurvedic massage releases muscle tension, increases lymphatic drainage and boosts your skins health from head to toe. Abhyanga differs from other forms of massage in its focus on promoting skin health rather than just promoting muscle health. Ayurvedic massage incorporates circulation-stimulating movements that make this form of massage more like a facial massage for your entire body.

The main goal of an Ayurvedic massage therapist is relaxation. The practice originates in India and has deep ties to the notion of self-care. Depending on your skin type, Ayurveda suggests performing abhyanga between once a week to twice a day as a form of self-care.

Keep in mind that this form of massage focuses on a heavy use of essential oils and specific energy points in your body. It differs from your typical Swedish massage in that it aims to manipulate your energy fields and free emotional burdens beyond working out those kinks in your muscles. If you would like to give yourself an ayurvedic massage at home then we suggest using our Ayurvedic body massage oil.