An Ayurvedic Gut-Loving Guide

Ayurvedic gut loving guide

No one likes to feel bloated – it’s uncomfortable and can sometimes be painful. Bloating is linked to the foods we are eating so by taking a deeper look into how food affects ourselves internally can be very enlightening for those who suffer from bloating. In Ayurveda, the digestive fire is called Agni and is one of the core factors to Ayurveda. It is said that we are as old as our Agni, and that when this internal fire is extinguished, we die. Maintaining a healthy Agni is vital for a healthy life and this is simply done through eating the right foods.

Good and bad gut bacteria is something that is talked about a lot and knowing which foods support the good or bad bacteria can become confusing and overwhelming. Every piece of food that we consume is an offering to our Agni. So what we choose to eat can either be a sacred intention or can be made mindlessly.

Support your Agni by…

… Eating foods that are light, simple and easily digestible. Fibre is a crucial part of a healthy diet and fibre feeds the good bacteria in our gut. Fibre can be found in fruit and vegetables so eating a plant based diet will soothe and enhance your digestive fire.

… Adding digestive spices into your cooking. Turmeric for example is highly anti-inflammatory which will support a healthy liver and avoid bloating. Similarly, using black pepper in cooking will stimulate blood flow to the stomach and therefore increasing Agni.

… taking Triphala supplements daily. This Ayurvedic supplement contains a number of anti-inflammatory properties that promote longevity and disease prevention. Triphala is also a natural laxative so enhances the digestive system and promotes regular bowel movements.

… allowing your Agni enough time to digest the previous meal. Ayurveda teaches that fasting is important to prevent overloading our digestive system with food. We should eat when our body naturally becomes hungry rather than grazing throughout the day through boredom or stress.

When your Agni is strong, you will feel energized and have mental clarity. Paired with a healthy and strong appetite, regular elimination of the bowels will also occur. When Agni is balanced, the body will have a strong immune system and general all round good health. Our sleep patterns will also be stable which will also help promote a love for life and optimistic attitude.

Is your Agni balanced?