What is Ayurvedic massage?

What is Ayurvedic massage?

If you enjoy our products you already know about the power of Ayurveda, but what is Ayurvedic massage and what are the benefits? The experts at Urban Massage explain the ancient technique to us.

Ayurvedic massage uses bodywork, fragranced herbal oils and traditional Indian music to create an intensely relaxing treatment. Your practitioner will attempt to promote positive energy flow throughout your body, synchronizing their breath with yours as they massage to establish a deep bond between you both.


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How does it work?

To begin, your therapist will assess your mind-body balance. Ayurvedic massage treatments tend to be guided by an understanding of your body’s marmas and chakras.

Marmas are similar to acupressure points used in other types of massage  and there are thought to be 107 of them in the body. They’re located at major junctions between bones, tendons, arteries, veins and joints. Disruptions in Prana, aka your life force, can congregate at these areas and cause blockages in your body’s flow of energy. Chakras are the seven points relating to  spiritual power in the body, and physically relate to marmas. They are positioned over the major endocrine glands and control many elements of our wellbeing.

After establishing any imbalances you may have, your practitioner will then use a combination of passive, active and persuasive movements to help promote the free flow of life force throughout your body. Your practitioner  will follow the flow of traditional energy channels, which mirror the nerve pathways and correspond to the direction of your hair growth.

To complement an Ayurvedic massage you may wish to use a body scrub made up of  bean or grain flour known as ubtans. These exfoliate the skin and increase circulation for a revitalising end to the treatment. Alternatively you may be offered a steam bath, which will help the massage oil fully absorb into your skin as well as leaving you feeling warm and comforted.

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