Natural vs Organic

natural vs organic

With natural and organic beauty products becoming increasingly popular and despite being lured in by these labels, consumers often don’t know the exact difference between the two. It is important to know that natural and organic beauty differ from natural and organic food. Learn exactly what’s what as we explain the all of the differences:

What is Organic Food?

Organic food is grown without using chemical pesticides or growth hormones, making it a very healthy food choice. Organic is the most heavily regulated food system and so anything labelled Organic will have passed the strict standards set up by The Soil Association.

They explain what organic means here:

  • Organic farming doesn’t allow any synthetic pesticides and absolutely no herbicides. Farmers are permitted to use just 15 pesticides derived from natural ingredients, but only under very restricted circumstances.
  • No artificial colours and preservatives are used.
  • The highest standards of animal welfare are maintained.
  • There is no routine use of antibiotics on animals.
  • All organic products are GM Free

What is Natural Food?

When it comes to Natural food, there aren’t the same rules and regulations in place surrounding the labelling. So many products that say they are natural are worth checking out to understand, what ingredients are actually being used. However, natural foods are those that are derived from natural plants or products with no artificial ingredients and minimal processing

The Food Standards Agency explains this further, providing us with the following definition: “Natural means essentially that the product is comprised of natural ingredients, e.g. ingredients produced by nature, not the work of man or interfered with by man”. They also explain that anything Natural must also be GM (Genetically Modified) Free.

What is Organic Beauty?

Like in the food industry, products that are Certified Organic have to meet certain standards and in the beauty industry, they are set by the Soil Association. Having this label means that the Organic ingredients used in a product were grown under a strict code of cleanliness without pesticides, fertilisers or GMO’s.

What is Natural Beauty?

As in the food industry, there also aren’t any regulations for labelling a product ‘natural’ in the beauty industry. A natural ingredient is considered to be anything that is a plant, mineral, or animal by-product. Consumers can easily tell how natural a product is by looking at the ingredient list which states in a descending order of percentages the ingredients used.