Plastic Oceans: Plastic pollution amidst Covid-19 and celebrating Earth Day

At Plastic Oceans UK, we’ve always taken a balanced and scientifically-backed view of plastic use. We’re not an ‘anti-plastic’ charity. Instead, we believe in becoming Plastic Intelligent. Plastic is an incredibly valuable material – in the right context.

We can see the value of plastic clearly during the current coronavirus crisis. Every day, lives are saved and medical workers protected through the use of Personal Protective Equipment made of plastic. We recognise the valuable and positive role plastic can play, however this doesn’t mean that single-use plastic is right for everything else in our lives. All parts of society need to be reducing our excessive reliance on Pointless Plastic.

Covid-19 cannot be used as a justification for moving backwards in our use of single-use plastics. Several stories have concerned us. From the UK Government delaying the introduction of the ban on pointless plastic straws and cotton buds, to various US states postponing a range of bans and charges on unnecessary single-use plastics.

Debunking the Myth Around Single Use Plastic 

Upstream Solutions dispel the idea that single use items are more hygienic than reusables for personal use in relation to the spread of Covid-19. In simple terms, a reusable item you’ve sanitised is lower risk than single-use items where you have no information on its exposure in the supply chain.

Coronavirus is not a reason to roll back environmental protection. During these unprecedented times, we are able to see the environmental degradation in part caused by human behaviour. In fact, the lack of human activity in certain parts of the world is allowing for scientists to record levels of environmental recovery. But what can each of us do, especially in middle of a pandemic lock down? Also importantly, what can each of us do to ensure that once normality returns, the small acts of environmental recovery aren’t just completely damaged again?

We are celebrating #EarthDay

Plastic pollution is not just an oceans issue. It’s a climate issue and it’s a human health issue. #EarthDay is being celebrated around the world on Wednesday 22 April. Being in lockdown is a unique opportunity for each of us to do something exceptional.

We are inviting each of you to celebrate #EarthDay with us through some fun and meaningful challenges that can be done at home. Taking up a challenge today gives the perfect setting to learn how to be part of the solution.  Experimenting with the different ways of preventing plastic pollution can benefit your own life and also contribute to Climate Action. Just like plastic pollution, climate change is closely linked to overconsumption – reducing unnecessary uses of plastic helps to reduce the embedded carbon impacts of every product we decide to buy.

By taking up the challenge now, you’ll embedded new positive habits and once life goes back to normal, it will be easier for you tocarryon creating more new positive habits.

Fun challenge: The Treasure Hunt