Purifying Range

Each and every product from our Purifying skin care range is a delicately balance blend of natural and sustainably sourced ingredients from around the globe. We have included neem, also known as the Indian lilac, which has a calming scent that pervades the senses and helps the skin appear more youthful and refined. For beautiful skin that champions your Dosha, combine our exfoliating facial polish with a hydrating toner and finish it off with our refreshing day cream.

At Urban Veda, we believe that the journey to perfect and pure skin should always start from within. By utilising the ancient systems of medicinal healing that constitute ‘Ayurveda’, we craft products that combine natural ingredients with the science of life. The resulting products therefore cleanse, hydrate and purify whilst harmonising the mind, body and skin.

With our bespoke approach being centred around and focused on Ayurveda, we believe that we can therefore simply and seamlessly connect your skin with your spirituality in a way that benefits your body as a whole. By learning and understanding the teachings of the three main Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and which one you embody can help you to achieve inner peace and clear skin.

The skin care products in our Purifying range can help to clear an unruly complexion in just a few easy steps. The versatility of our products means you can use them to cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin from the surrounding elements, preventing any imbalance in your dosha affecting your skin.

We are extremely proud of our approach to ingredient acquisition and usage. Our ingredients are all natural, vegan-friendly and sourced with as small an environmental impact as is possible.