Purifying Range | Oily Skin Types

The Purifying Range is aimed at oily skin types that are also prone to congestion and acne. The Kapha dosha in Ayurveda is perfectly aligned to this skincare range.

Banish breakouts with our Purifying skincare range which has been specifically formulated with ingredients that cleanse the skin from dirty bacteria, mattify excess sebum and help to control congestion. The Purifying range features Indian Neem as the key ingredient. Highly antiseptic and antibacterial, Neem cleanses the skin from toxins and dirt. Neem sits alongside an abundance of minty, refreshing and detoxifying ingredients: tea tree, witch hazel, mint, spearmint, eucalyptus. Get ready to feel awakened and cleansed!

Vegan Friendly and Sustainably Sourced

Here at Urban Veda, we are extremely proud of our approach to ingredient acquisition and usage. Our ingredients are all natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty free and sourced with as small an environmental impact as is possible.