Soothing Range

We are proud to produce only vegan-friendly skin care products. Our soothing range is no exception to this rule and the composition of this range follows the ancient and natural teachings of Ayurveda. These teachings encourage a connection with nature and with the world as we perceive it. This means that we only include ingredients in our soothing range that embody these teachings, are grown naturally, sustainably sourced and produced using methods that protect the environment and the animals that call it home. If you happen to be the Pitta Dosha, then our soothing range can provide you with a carefully tailored skincare solution that will leave your skin feeling nourished, calm and cared for.

Vegan-Friendly Soothing Skin Care

The environment that we live in can and does have a significant impact on our skin. This can then manifest itself in a multitude of ways. You can experience breakouts on the face or neck, have your skin grow somewhat drier than usual or your t-zone can become oiler than you are accustomed to. Whichever environmental symptoms you experience it is important to take care of your skin; to revitalise and exfoliate it so as to enhance and balance your complexion.

Our soothing skin care range also includes products for the body. So for those with sensitive skin, your whole body is cared for with gentle yet hydrating skincare products which help to stimulate circulation and promote radiance, so you look, smell and feel great and are in balance and at one with your Ayruvedic nature.