Ayurvedic Face Wash

Our naturally formulated Ayurvedic face washes are inspired by the traditional healing science of Ayurveda and are therefore suited to a wide variety of different skin types. In Ayurveda there are the Doshas which refer to the emotional/spiritual/physical balance that exists within each and every person; this results in different skin types. Inspired by the power of nature, our natural face washes use exotic ingredients to control oil, boost hydration and soothe the skin without the use of any nasty chemicals.

Cleansing Natural Face Wash

All of our Ayurvedic face washes are created with care and attention to detail, inclusive of an incredibly high percentage of natural and botanical ingredients. We believe that your skin should only be treated by that which is found in nature. Our skin is delicate by design and undergoes daily challenges related to stress or environment. Cleansing the face is the crucial first step to any skincare regime. Whether your skincare needs are providing hydration, soothing inflammation or cleansing congestion, our facial washes cater to the different skin types with all vegan and cruelty free ingredients.

Revitalise Your Skincare Regime With Ayurvedic Facial Washes

Our natural face wash range is suited to anyone wanting to make the switch to a gentle, all natural skincare regime that itself is built upon the ancient and proven principles of Ayurveda. We recommend that you take our online Dosha questionnaire so that you can find your exact Dosha type and therefore skin type.


Nature offers a truly endless wealth of ingredients that each have their own unique set of benefits. From botanicals that contain amino acids which nourish, hydrate and strengthen the skin to the more exotic ingredients which can help to stimulate skin cell growth. At Urban Veda, we believe the philosophy of Ayurvedic principles in our skincare products help to rejuvenate, soothe and cleanse skin.