Ecological Sea Sponge

£11.99 11-13 cm

Sea sponges are completely natural and biodegradable, and are an effective like-for-like replacement to plastic mesh shower loofahs which often end up in landfill. Grown naturally using sustainable aquaculture methods, their harvesting means the full sponge is never removed from the ocean and continues to grow back.

Sea sponges grant your soaps and shower washes a rich and conditioning lather while providing mild, gentle, exfoliation. Your sponge will also lessen overall product usage as they lather a little product exceedingly well.

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To care for your sponge, after use rinse with clear, cold water so no soap and or gel remains inside. Dry after use, by pressing out the water (do not wring) and leave to dry in an airy space. Cared for properly, your sea sponge can be used for several years.

Natural sea sponge