Winter Skincare for Dry Skin

Winter is a nightmare for sufferers of dry skin. The crisp, cold air can wreak havoc on an already dry complexion; making it tight, uncomfortable and irritated. Skin feels dehydrated, and the effects of this can be visible – dry skin looks dull and tight or sags due to the lack of moisture. Add vicious winds, bitter cold, and unpredictable elements such as snow and rain into the equation, and it’s a match made in hell. Luckily, there are some key ways you can avoid winter exacerbating dry skin – and we are here to help!

In the morning for dry skin…

When you’re sleepy, so is your skin. Therefore, it’s important to ‘wake it up’ in the morning with a quick wash. But remember, hot water can exacerbate dry skin – so either rinse your face with lukewarm water in the shower after you’ve finished washing your body or use a washcloth with warm water in the basin, in conjunction with a gentle, non-stripping face wash. Our Radiance Facial Wash contains anti-inflammatory turmeric, brightening Botanics and antioxidant-rich extracts to banish dull and dry skin.

While skin is still damp, swipe some of our Radiance Hydrating Toner over the top to lock in moisture and restore the skins natural oils that get momentarily removed from cleansing. Toners are often not included in people’s skincare routines, but they are an easy additional step to boost hydration levels and prevent the skin from feeling tight.

Then, depending on the dryness of your skin, you can decide what you think your skin needs regarding hydration. This doesn’t have to be set in stone – you can switch the moisturiser you use up daily, choosing lighter hydration one day, and heavier the next – all depending on how your skin feels and what the weather is like. For lighter hydration days, use a thin layer of Urban Veda’s Radiance Day Cream, and layer up on areas that need a little extra boost. This day cream truly brightens the skin due to the Curcumin (the active element in Turmeric) and can be used as a makeup primer to create an enhanced natural base.

On days where your skin feels particularly flaky or scaly, you can bring out the big guns and moisturise using an oil, instead. An oil will deliver an intense hydration hit to the skin’s surface, and will penetrate deeply, for intense, all day nourishment. This is particularly useful for if the weather is very cold or snowy outside – an oil will create a barrier to stop the elements drying out your skin. You can either use your Urban Veda’s Radiance Facial Oil straight after the toner, or it can be mixed into the Radiance Day Cream or it can be used solo. It is specially designed to give the skin brightness and glow, as well as all-day hydration and the consistency is slightly thicker than our other facial oils, specifically formulated with dry skin types in mind.

In the evening for dry skin…

For dry skin, hydration really is key, so much of your morning routine stays the same for the evening time. A few times a week – in between face washing and toning – we would suggest exfoliating the skin. This is so all your other products have the best chance to really penetrate the skin and work their magic. If your skin has a dry layer atop it of dead skin and build up of old product, the nutrients and antioxidants inside your oils and moisturisers won’t be able to get deep enough into the skin to make a difference. Therefore, gently scrubbing off the top layer of skin can make a huge difference to how effective your products are. Use the Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Polish to keep skin fresh, clear and ready for the rest of your routine – as well as bright, hydrated and even.

When it comes to moisturising, you can either use an oil as suggested above, or a thick, intensely moisturising night cream. We’d suggest a combination of both – such as using a layer of our Radiance Replenishing Night Cream, followed by a layer of Radiance Facial Oil on top of this, for an extra moisture boost.