Urban Veda UK Supports the Nephrotic Syndrome Trust!

How does Urban Veda UK support the Nephrotic Syndrome Trust?

At Urban Veda UK, this cause is very close to our hearts. We regularly donate 10% of our sales through our website to the Nephrotic Syndrome Trust to support the ongoing crucial research and help they provide those suffering with this condition.

Nephrotic Syndrome Trust (NeST) – Charity No: 1107601

Nephrotic Syndrome Trust

What is Nephrotic Syndrome?

Unlike some other conditions and diseases, Nephrotic Syndrome is fairly unknown and has received little media attention.

Those who have Nephrotic Syndrome have an issue with either one or both of their kidneys, where they can ‘leak’. This results in the transfer of protein from the blood to the urine. The body recognises there is something wrong when it realises there is protein in the urine, so it reacts by retaining water. This may lead to:

  • Developing an Infection – since you can lose antibodies (the good proteins which help you to fight off infections)
  • Developing Thrombosis – a thickening or clotting of the blood vessels
  • Low Levels of Vitamin D – due to the low of vitamin D-binding proteins
  • Anaemia – since proteins normally help to carry iron around your bloodstream

If left untreated, Nephrotic Syndrome can develop into kidney failure.


How is the money used?

The Nephrotic Syndrome Trust’s research is entirely funded by donations. Donations are invested in research equipment, antibodies, and are also used to ensure the people running the Specialist Kidney Unit in Bristol’s Children Hospital are paid too.

Every penny donated goes directly to the trust, making a huge difference to the wellbeing of people managing Nephrotic Syndrome.

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