Fashernably Late

“I really have no excuse not to be doing a 3 step cleanse routine morning & night now, do I? I picked up these little bits on my last visit down to London. I believe Urban Veda to be a relatively new brand (well, to myself anyway). The day I picked these up, I had just taken some outfit posts on the blog, which meant I had my full face of make up on, I was SO tired from walking/tubing round London all day, it was 10pm & it was safe to say I was too tired to put any sort of routine into practise. Enter, the everyday facial wash! I lathered it upland all my make up was off in just one rinse. I haven’t come across a face wash anywhere near as good as this in all my make up & soap washing days – I’m pretty impressed! The sandalwood scent isn’t something i’d normally go for, but with these products, the scent makes them smell so incredibly luxurious, high end & like they mean business!”

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