Laura Lou

I’ve just got back home after a week away in the gorgeous Isles of Scilly, so apologies for the lack of blog posts. I took my laptop with me with all the intentions of getting a few things done, but of course, life and fun took over and this is the first time I have creaked open my dusty MAC in over 7 days. A little late to the game, but first up is my August Beauty Favourites.

Urban Veda Sandalwood + Botanics Body Scrub. I have a few bodycare products from Urban Veda in this lovely Sandalwood scent, and for some reason I have really taken to this body scrub. It is really aromatic, herby and lovely and I think both men and women will like this woody, fresh scent. The scrubby particles aren’t overly abrasive but enough so to give your dead skin a good slough and polish and it’s also great for the removal of over-zealous fake tanning patches on knees and elbows. It contains 13 bio-oils which explains the wonderful spa-like smell. Urban Veda is a range that is relatively new to me, and I think it’s probably best summed up as a budget (yet natural) version of Aveda.

Laura Lou August Beauty Favourites